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It is obvious that taking a nap after finishing your work. It is natural and common among people to get some rest before continuing their other daily activities. But did you ever think of having a nap during the work?


Actually, do you believe that taking a short nap during the work period could really benefits your body, help to increase your productivity and even improve the quality of the work?

The Results of New Research

It is really shocking and surprising, but it is completely true. A new research from Michigan University showed that a short time nap during the hours of work helps to relieve the stress and improves emotional control.

It is a serious study, and it really suggests that every company must put a half hour break for its employees to take a nap, because it is useful for workers especially those whose jobs require staying awake for long periods of time, and this will give direct advantages including enhancing the ability to complete difficult tasks and organize any emotional reaction.

And it became more than just studies but even the companies are working on this issue. Although sleeping on the job was considered taboo, but not anymore. Today more and more companies are really encouraging their employees to take a short nap during the working hours.

The Company Trends

Many companies like Burlington, Zapppos, Nike… and many others are trying their best to provide their employees a great amount of rest during work. Some are giving yoga classes, rooms with beds and pillows for taking short naps and more.

We really hope that these good habits really begin to exist in our companies too, because this will benefits the employers and the employees at the same time.