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Today’s customers don’t buy any new product till they see others’ review and make sure of the Quality. These reviews fine by some people help the customer to take a decision easily and help the Company to promote its products and figure out if there anything need to be improved. Yelp is most familiar website which provide reviews for most local businesses, but it is not the only one.


Here Are 8 Alternatives of  Yelp Where You Can Check Others Reviews or List Your Company and Collect Customer Feedback:

1. Angie’s List

Angies List

Angie’s List has become one of the best household names which provides honest consumers who give accurate information about local businesses. The users pay a membership fee in order to read and write review in the form of a letter grade. On the other hand, a business company must signs up then it will be able to add details to its profile, respond to others’ reviews and interact with members. Moreover, highly rated businesses can earn advertising for deals and discounts.

2. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau or (BBB) is also a trusted name in business ratings and reviews. Businesses in it are rated on a letter scale from A to F, and they consider a number of factors such as the number of reviews, the type of reviews, whether reviews have been replied to or acknowledged, and the type of business. The rating on the BBB could greatly impact a small business and could highly increase the trust of consumers. Also for the businesses who sign up and pay fee, you get increased exposure online, and you can access to workshops and webinars for review, and even much more.

3. Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs

When you sign up your business, Consumer Affairs grants you can see how reviews and a strong reputation can add up to increased revenue, finding brand ambassadors, and how you can convert negative customer experiences into positive ones.

4. Expresit


The idea behind the Expresit app is to “.” G On Expresit the business can celebrate publicly and fix privately which means that good views on employees, co-workers, services or products get published publicly on the website, but negative reviews are sent to the business owner to bring their attention and fix it.


5. Foursquare


In Foursquare local businesses claim their listings and give the customers the ability to check in and leave ratings and “tips” (reviews) for others.


6. Glassdoor


Glassdoor give the current and past employees a chance to rate the companies for which they work.


7. Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Establishing a presence on Google+ Local and encouraging customers to leave reviews is one of the best ways to boost a business’ search engine rankings.


8. HomeAdvisor

Customer Feedback

This site is so similar to Angie’s List, it helps customers to find and review professionals for home improvement projects.



These 8 alternatives of Yelp can really help you promote your business, or take Shopping. Decisions easily so check them before shopping.