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As a millennium woman in her early-twenties, I can honestly share my glance at taking control over certain things so that it would lead to much more happy and satisfied life in 30’s and onward. 20’s is paramount peak of youth where we are super excited about our journey ahead. Planning careers, maintaining social life, getting into the game of dating (soul-searching), moving in and out of relationships, experimenting with life, new makeovers are some of major things we try. Let’s dive deep into what are the things we should take control in our 20’s.

1. Your Own Physical Health

They say “You become what you eat”. I would say choose wisely what you allowing to get into your body. This is most important thing one should look after ASAP. When you find your true purpose your body and mind should never come in your way for that you need to develop a healthy lifestyle. Healthy soul resides in healthy body. This is the right time. Decide the physique you want plan a proper diet, exercise well and Go get it.

2. Your Precious Time

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it.
You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you have lost it, you Can’t  get it back.” – Harvey Mackay

We humans are not immortal, we are here for particular time period, make it count. You have complete control over your territory, so is the time. Priorities your daily stuff. Make yourself your first and foremost priority. Learn to say ‘No’ to unwanted, time consuming, low vibration, energy draining relationships and works. Invest this time in experiences which makes you feel alive. Nurture your skills and passions; spend your time with nature, Meet new people collect amazing experiences.

3. Make Mistakes and Collect Experiences  –

Though learning is a lifetime process it’s always better to learn early. Embrace yourself by experimenting with your life. Try finding your true self, be proud of who you are. Make as many mistakes as possible, but don’t forget to learn lesson from them.

Gather as many as amazing experiences as can. Be it solo traveling, backpacking, public speaking, dancing ridiculously like no one is watching. Learn to get over your fears, have few quality people around you and keep enhancing your craft.

4. Your Tedious Finances –

Finances are something many of us find boring to discuss over. At one point we must acquire the art of managing our finances then why not take control over it right now.

Till mid-20’s most of us get graduated, post-graduated and start earning on our own. This is also the age where we run after temporary pleasures. Planning our finances would definitely help us keeping away from unnecessary expenses.

5. Mental Well-being –

“Our Life is Creation Of Our Mind” – Buddha

Taking time to beautify your mind is the greatest investment one can make because it keeps giving lifetime returns. As our lifestyle replicates physical well-being similarly it also replicates mental health. Meditation is great tool achieving mental health. Keeping ourselves occupied in company of great books will uplift our mind without doubt. They say you are the average of 5 people you surround the most yourself with. Be picky while choosing your company (friends). It’s always beneficial to have mentor to reach next levels in your skills.

6. Relationships –

Relationships are most important part in human lives. When it comes to relationships communication is the key. The bond gets thicker with passage of time and efforts to nourish it with love, compassion, trust.
In this era of our life we become kind of ignorant about our family, our parent. These are days they are growing old and they need us. Now it’s our turn to take good care of them.

Our 20’s is something we are more into experimenting mode. We are learning about ourselves as well as people close to us. Here we’ll add some lovely pages to our book of life and some heart breaking, soul shattering wounds as well. We must remember the ultimate truth, “Nothing lasts forever” and keep moving ahead and ahead with life. As no matter what life goes on.