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The best celebration of the Bengali people group, Durga Puja positions among the famous celebrations in India. It is generally celebrated in West Bengal and different pieces of eastern India. It is a multi day celebration and is committed to the love of Goddess Durga. Gigantic display and festivity happens during the Durga Puja festivities.

Durga Puja in West Bengal is generally celebrated in the period among September and October. The beginning of the celebration is set apart with Mahalaya, which happens seven days preceding the fundamental celebration. The primary celebration happens following seven days. The celebration comprises of Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, and Maha Nabami. The most recent day of the celebration is Bijoya Dashami when the submersion of the Durga icon happens. Upon the arrival of Bijoya Dashami, individuals meet one another and trade welcome and youngsters offer their regards to the seniors.

Tremendous festivals and ballyhoo happen all over West Bengal and different pieces of eastern India. Individuals of all age gatherings wear new garments and go for pandal bouncing. A lot of durga pujas occur all over Kolkata and different urban communities in West Bengal.

Goddess Durga

The pandals are planned and improved by different topics and societies. Durga Puja is a fine case of the rich culture, legacy and enthusiasm of the state.

To observe Durga Puja, all workplaces, instructive establishments and business houses stay shut in West Bengal. Companions, partners and well wishers trade endowments between themselves. Organizations and business houses offer endowments to the clients and representatives as a signal of altruism. The fundamental shopping deal likewise happens during this period. A lot of shops and markets offer substantial limits and discounts on a wide scope of things. The inns additionally offer limits on the settlement offices to bait more individuals during the bubbly season. A large number of individuals turn out in the boulevards and appreciate without limit. Conventional Bengali nourishment and different dishes are likewise cooked during the celebration.

Aside from Kolkata, Durga Puja is likewise celebrated with wide flourish in different spots like Siliguri, Guwahati, Mumbai, Patna, Jamshedpur, and Bhubaneswar, etc. A lot of non-private Bengali social associations organize Durga Puja in the different places in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Kuwait and different nations.

Traditions and Ceremonies

Festivities for Durga Puja incorporate flawlessly embellished icons and enriched open puja pandals. The icons are finished with blossoms, garments, gems, and red vermillion. Different desserts are offered to the Goddess as prashad. The symbol of Lord Ganesha is likewise enriched and set close by the icon of Goddess Durga, as she is viewed as Lord Shiva’s significant other, Parvati’s symbol, and in this way, Lord Ganesha’s mom.

Goddess Durga is venerated in numerous structures, the most popular being that of Kumari (virgin). Upon the arrival of Ashtami, unwed young ladies are revered. This custom is considered as the most flawless type of love. In Bengal, a famous custom is Sindur Khela. On the most recent day of Durga Pooja, wedded ladies accumulate at the pooja pandals and smear each other with sindur (vermillion), like how Indians play with hues on Holi. This custom is to said goodbye to Goddess Durga. The symbols of the goddess are drenched, head first, into waterways,. Family gatherings,exchanging desserts and blessings with friends and family are a mainstream custom.

Pandal Hopping

What is Durga Puja sans pandal bouncing, isn’t that so? It is practically standard to visit the different pandals dabbing Kolkata during the celebration. The sheer size of the pandals, the degree to which the craftsmans can turn an idea to the real world, must be believed to be accepted. The huge canvas of the topics that coordinators can hit upon is unmatched. Prior, pandal jumping used to begin from Shaptami (seventh day of Navratri) when the youthful would visit the pandals by day with severe guidelines to return home before sun-down. When bars and clubs were unbelievable, pandal bouncing during Durga Puja was the principal taste of freedom for the youthful. Yet, circumstances are different!

Topics and Grants

With the blast of topics and an enduring ascent in the quantity of pandals, one needs to cover upwards of one can. Pandal bouncing by night is a unique fascination as a result of the monstrous enlightenments. Today, different neighborhood Pujos strive for a plenty of honors. The supporters announce results early with the goal that watchers can see the honor winning ones. So be set up to sub lines! Guests can likewise take a directed visit by West Bengal Tourism to the absolute most well known pandals.

What’s in Store This Year

  • One of the pandals individuals are anticipating as of now is the diversion of the ‘Bahubali’ royal residence at Sreebhumi Sporting Club (Salt Lake).
  • The Chetla Agrani Club in South Kolkata has developed a gigantic pandal made of different sorts of wood with a Durga symbol made altogether of mahogany.
  • At Hindustan Park (South Kolkata), you need to go through lines of transcending Red Indian veils.
  • A pandal’s subject in Kasba is about security of trees. The pandal has been made like a banyan tree and the Goddess conveying saplings in her ten 10 hands rather than weapons.
  • Tala Sarkar Bagan in North Kolkata has a ‘Shuddhang Dehi’ topic, or that of cleaning, with brushes of different shapes utilized as adornment.
  • Guests to the Jagat Mukherjee Park in North Kolkata will appreciate a look at the submerged world, entering through a cruising pontoon and arriving in within a submarine.
  • A pandal in Dumdum (a rural area) has acquired craftsmen from the Vagri people group of Gujarat for the style and craftsmans from Odisha to make the icons.
  • Another pandal has welcomed the Patachitra specialists of Midnapore (who are Muslim by religion yet paint Hindu Gods and Goddesses) to improve their pandal.