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Each year, we celebrate International Women’s day in honor of every woman in the world on March 8. But not everyone knows the history of celebrating Women’s Day.

Learn Women’s Day from the Vistas of History

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On International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, women from all over the world celebrate this day united. They celebrate beyond country, caste, language, political and cultural discrimination. Also, the men’s section also dedicates this day to women’s honor.

What History Says

In fact, according to history, this fight of equal rights was started by ordinary women. In ancient Greece, a woman named Leicestratata initiated this movement. She did it while demanding the end of the war during the French Revolution. A group of Persian women took a stand-in Warsaw on this day. The objective of this front was to increase women on the ground It was to prevent the atrocities committed.

First Time Celebration

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The 1909 Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time on February 28 by the Socialist Party of America. In 1910, The foundation credit of Women’s Day goes to the Socialist International in Copenhagen, and in 1911 a rally took place by millions of women in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. It was on the demand of several issues like a franchise, place in government executive, elimination of job discrimination. 1913-14 Women’s Day took place during the First World War, on the last Sunday of February month for the first time by the Russian women to establish peace.

Other Demonstration

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There were also demonstrations against the war throughout Europe. By 1917, more than 2 million soldiers of Russia were killed in the world war, Russian women again strike for bread and peace on this day. Although the politicians were against this movement, the women did not listen to one and continued their agitation and consequently, the jar of Russia had to leave its cushion, the government had to declare the right to vote for women.

Women’s Day is now a┬ácelebration in almost all developed, developing countries. This is a day to give women their ability, social, political and economic development and remember those women who made tireless efforts to get their rights to women.

Role of the United Nations

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The United Nations has set certain policies, programs and criteria for the promotion and protection of women’s equality. According to the United Nations, social, economic and political problems from in any society will not find a solution without the participation of women.

Celebration In India

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Women’s Day is also a widespread celebration in India. On this day women are honored for their special contribution to the society. One can witness celebrations all over the country. Various institutes working for women, such as Awake, Seva, Asmita, Shitalijanam, place of training camps for women, placements take place as well as cultural events. Women are honored for their best performance in society, politics, music, film, literature, education areas. Financial assistance is provided to poor women by many institutions.

The Things Needed Here

In India, women have the right to education, the right to vote and fundamental rights. The conditions are gradually changing. In India, women are on the shoulders of men in the field of Army, Air Force, Police, IT, Engineering and Medicine. Parents now do not see any difference between sons and daughters. But this is a limited thinking in only a few sections of society.

In fact, women’s day will only be meaningful when women will get complete freedom of mind and physically throughout the world, where they will not face any harassment, where they will not burn alive in the greed of dowry, where female fetus will live, Where rape will be nowhere visible, where women trafficking is extinct.