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None of the parents care about the life of a street child or what problems do street children face. Once the children leave their family for whatever reason to spend their life on the street, these types of children are called or known as the street children. The number of street children is increasing by the neglect of the parents, poverty, violence… Moreover, they can be forced to go to the streets due to the psychological and physical abuses. The street children can be of many kinds, but usually, the life of a street child is about to the pick the plastic from the streets, selling handbags, washing cars, begging or shoe-shining. When the children go out to the street, they are forced to do anything to earn their living. In this article, we will talk about the most dangerous problems that the street children can faces :

street children

1. Street Children Can Turn To Narcotics:

This is one of most dangerous problems do street children face, they can turn to narcotics. They take the drugs to get the relaxation to get an escape from the responsibilities of life. Getting drugs is easier on the street more than in the school or at home. In the street, there are children who stimulate some of them to abuse.

2. Child Labor:

One of the most disturbing problems that the street children face, is to be forced to work in the street to earn their bread. Owners of their workplace or their employees send them to the street to collect the recyclable materials and stuff to get them recycled. It means that the children collect the stuff from the garbage in the garbage centers. In child labor, the child has to work to get some coins to buy food in the evening without any breaks and without any human treatment.

3 . Street Children And Begging:

Begging is another aspect of the poverty, the beggars are being hated in the entire world because they block the roads and signals while begging.

What would you do if your child was sent to the street and forced to beg from the people in the streets? The life of a street child is all about begging, selling, robbery or snatching the purse and wallet of the people in the streets. The worst parents are those who send their children to beg in the streets and bazaars, tough some of them know the problems that street children face. If everyone knows something about the life of a street child, they would never agree to force their children to go to the streets to get the money from the people.The problems of street children are increasing day by day, and there is no proper solution for those problems.

In the end we have to say that the phenomenon of street children will remain as long as there is in this world poverty, ignorance and ruthlessness, so we must resolve these issues first before addressing the problem of street children.