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Being popular among Indians is not enough for Bollywood. You can find fans of Hindi movies around the globe. Fans who are far from the Indian culture. But they have grown up with the Mumbai film industry through years.

It can be shown, How Bollywood is popular though the entire world:

  1. Africa:

    Bollywood in Africa

    Classical movies are the most popular on the continent. Because they see it as an alien culture as they are. And has respect for women which Hollywood movie lacks. Especially in Nigeria, it’s very easy to see how popular Bollywood movies are in there. Mumbai film industry is also popular in Egypt, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

  2. Asia:

    Bollywood In Asia

    Bollywood films are popular in East and West Asia. It’s so popular in Pakistan as the Pakistan’s people know Hindi because of the similarities with Urdu. It is also very popular in China and South Korea as it makes a success. Mumbai film industry made films are also so popular in Nepal as it makes more than the country’s movies. It is also very popular in Afghanistan due to cultural perspectives that are shown in movies. Raj Kapoor was a famous star in China.

  3. Europe:

    Bollywood In Europe

    Bollywood movies always enter England top ten movies as they are very popular in there. There is a great respect for Bollywood movies in Germany, Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries. Mumbai film industry made movies are also shown in German television channels on a regular basis. There was a respect for Mumbai film industry movies in the Soviet Union.

  4. North America:

    Bollywood In North America

    Mumbai film industry movies are very popular in Canada and United States, especially among South Asian communities. Mumbai film industry movies made more money than any other non-English movies.

We can’t deny how popular is Bollywood movies in the entire world.