Learn About Life

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Life is full of experiences, some are easy and beneficial, others are hard and painful, but every experience has a good lesson to give you. As long as you learning from your mistakes, you will become better. However, you can also learn from other people’s mistakes too.

If you are blessed, you will have in your life great mentors, family, and friends to advise you about life, and if you are not… don’t worry because you have me.

Learn About Life

Below, there is a list of some important advice that will help you in your daily life. You can read and benefit of them, or you can wait till you learn them by your experiences and mistakes, though it will take a long long time.

1. Struggling With Life Is Good

Even if you fail once and twice, never give up, always stand up and say, “I can do it”.

2. Don’t Complain

Complaining is not more than wasting of time. Either try till you make it or forget about it.

3. Spend Time With People You Love

The day which passed will never come again, so use this time to spend with your family and friends. If you don’t have some, create ones.

4. Don’t Say I Love You Till You’re Sure Of It

Don’t say, “I have some feelings for this person, this is maybe love…” No, it is either love or not, don’t give the other hope then let him/her down.

5. Make Exercise Daily

A healthy body means a healthy life, healthy present, and future. Build a healthy and strong body, then you can ask what’s next.

6. Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal helps you become a better thinker and writer. Don’t say I don’t like to write, because you all already writing many emails and texts daily.

7. Be Grateful

Don’t hesitate to say thank you for who gives you a gift or a service, and thank your God for your life, body, achievements.

8. Don’t Care About What Other’s Would Think

People like to talk about everything, so never think what they would say.

9. Take More Risks

Make adventures, take crazy choices… have fun.

10. Choose A Job And Stick On It

Being a professional means spending years in a certain job, learning its steps and discovering its secret. Choose a job that suits you and do some efforts. Don’t give up from the first try, and keep trying.

11. Lead The Way

Leadership is not an initiation nor a title, it is just a decision you take when you find that everyone looks at each other and no one knows what to do.

12. Money Isn’t The Most Important

Money can ease your life, but it is not the most important thing in life. Train yourself not to care about money.

13. Be Nice

Don’t insult people, don’t think you’re better than them, nor act like an idiot.

14. Learn Every Day

Try to learn at least one new thing everyday, learn from your mistakes or from others’ mistakes. Be open to learn from others what they can teach you.

15. Rest Before You Are Tired

Even if you love your job is what you love to do, that doesn’t mean that you have to work without having an hour break a day and a holiday.

The most important advice for everyone, is to live today with all its love, passion, dreams and leave for tomorrow.