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Almost every one of us knows the feeling that falls in love and leads long-term relationship. Butterflies in the stomach, constantly in the neighborhood of wanting to be the ones we love, do not think of anyone else. Many relationships arise from a fall in love. Is love really necessary to achieve a good relationship, or does falling in love stand in the way of an adult love affair?

What Is Being In Love and Relationship?

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Neuropsychologically, infatuation is an emotional reaction, often irrational and primitive. Our brain produces hormones and neurotransmitters (eg  phenylethylamine ,  norepinephrine , adrenaline ,  endorphins ,  dopamine  and  oxytocin ) in the brain if the person sees the target of infatuation. The hormones that get the release, are addictive, so you want to see your loved one as often as possible. It is a state of mind that occurs mainly in puberty, often called puppy love, and to a lesser extent later in life.

The Consequences Of Being In Love

Image result for relationshipIn love, the love-lover often does irrational things. We all know stories of loving girls who throw their lives with a drug addict, violent or a domineering man from a patriarchal culture such as the Islamic one. There, if they are full-witted, they are never chosen. For rich enamored men, who get undressed by an unscrupulous gold digger. The consequences are usually serious, often fatal. On the other hand, there are also many relationships that are very successful for both parties. Here, being in love leads to a deep and mutually nourishing bond, where the loved ones remain separated until death. Of course, this is the ideal outcome – at least for us as persons. Why then does love often lead to a disaster?

Genetic Importance Is Not Identical To Our Personal Interest

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In nature, there are countless examples of deadly running sex and reproduction. There are nematode species, where the mother dies and the young eats her. Many spider males and praying mantis are cannibalized by the female they mate with. If these males or the nematode mother had consciousness, they would probably have thought three times before they let this happen. Yet these events take place because they increase the chance of offspring. In other words, roundworms that are eaten alive by their young, or males that are consumed by the female, are more likely to pass on their genes to the next generation. That’s why their genes got the upper hand.

Man’s Love Code Of Code

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Man is, of course, no exception. Our species is also subject to the same Darwinian selection as for example other monkeys and roundworms. Especially with instinctive reactions like falling in love and leading relationship, we have to be wary. Evidently it is genetically favorable to fall in love, otherwise, the instinct would have disappeared. However: this instinct is easy to play.

Romantic Love: Favorable Or Not?

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Genetic selection has proved its value for billions of years but is increasingly being outdated. Genetic manipulation can achieve more than instincts. Apart from the attraction factor, we do not think it is very important. It is more important whether you and your partner make each other happy. Other research shows that the most stable relationship is relationships in which the partners have a similar character.