Message to Women

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The question which all women ask to each other is why should they pay the price for being what they want to be? Why they get beaten, assaulted, raped, and even killed just because they are running after their dreams?

YES! They are Human Beings Too!

Women are human beings with feelings, mind, heart, and soul just like men. So why they are still seen as animals in many countries?

Message to Women

Ladies have the right to make their own decisions for themselves. This they have without being judged. They must enjoy the same freedom as men. This freedom which allows you to be the person you want to be despite your gender with no terms and the conditions applies to all the women in the world including Indians, too.

From now in, ladies must raise their voice and say no to everyone who tries to steal their rights, beat, assault… or any kind of misusing their body or efforts.

Just then all women will be able to be effective members of the society like men and even better.