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We all love spicy food, actually not all but most of us. The question is: What is your first reaction when you eat something spicy? Drink of glass of water… But does it help? No, it doesn’t help at all.

Although when eating a spicy food you feel that your mouth is literally on ‘fire’, the water will not solve the problem nor help at all. Capsaicin, which is the hot element in chilies, is a natural oil, and you know that oil can’t be mix with water.

Thus, the water will not reduce the effects of capsaicin on your membranes, but it may spread the oil to other parts of your mouth. Instead of water try one of these remedies instant relief:

1. Dairy

Dairy is a magical remedy. A tablespoon of cold milk or yogurt will soothe your mouth. The casein, which is a protein present in dairy breaks up the capsaicin of spices and help you get some relief from spicy food.

2. Sugar or Honey

Put half a teaspoon of sugar or honey on your tongue to get rid of the spicy food’s effect.Moreover, sugar cubes give you a similar relief. The oil-based capsaicin helps you feel better,because it gets absorbed by the sugar or honey.


3. Starch

When your tongue is “hot”, reach for a fluffy bread or rice. These secret is found in the starch which provides a natural barrier between capsaicin and your mouth, and absorbs some of it in the process. You can also use potatoes.


4. Tomatoes and Lemons

Tomatoes and Lemons

It is a known scientific fact that acidity of the spice can really get neutralized with alkaline foods like tomatoes and lemons. If you have a salad plate next to you, eat few tomato pieces from it for immediate relief. You can use oranges, pineapple and lemon juice which have similar properties.



Thanks to these 4 remedies, you can still order some delicious and spicy gravy memo’s. After all, life is all about balance.