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To foot the bill or not? If this is what you’re thinking for your feet then think no further. Spending a bit every month for your feet will only reap health benefits. Pedicure is a professional solution and as the name suggests, it literally cures your feet and leaves a healing effect for quite a number of days. Don’t believe us?

Flick Through To Know How Pedicure Could Work Wonders For Your Trotter Pair

feet pedicure

1. Rejuvenating: Putting up with stress is something probably no one can avoid. Take a break for a couple of hours and give in to the relaxing massage of pedicure. If you’ve done it before, you know that happy feeling of squeaky clean feet that stays for at least a fortnight. Continuing this process every month will only make you feel better.

2. Feet That Glow: Exfoliation being one of the most important process in pedicure, it wipes out dead skin and grime and cleanses it inside out. This enhances blood circulation making your feet glow with a healthy radiance. Even those tiny cuticles hiding beneath the edge of your nails are not spared. Besides, well pedicured feet reflect that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeps you energized all the time.

3. Flaunt Those Beautiful Feet: After trimming the nails, a luxurious foot bath is followed by exfoliation, scrubbing, washing and moisturizing. Painting those nails with your favourite shade adds to the beauty. So, no more hiding your feet with stuffy shoes all the time. Flaunt those lovely and polished pair by teaming it up with airy shoes and let your feet breathe a little.

4. Check On Infection And Warts: Plantar wart is a type of viral infection that appears mostly on the sole of a foot. Apart from avoiding direct contact with people infected with plantar warts, doctors would always recommend to keep your foot clean to avoid these kind of infections. Why risk the chances of a foot infection when you have an option to keep it as clean as possible.

5. No Odour: A stinky feet is a big no-no, no matter whatever reasons one may have to justify its causes. This happens mostly when the weather is extremely humid. Get rid of dead skin and dirt by exfoliation that is only possible through professional pedicure and eliminate any chances of bacterial infection.

6. Colour Play: DIY nail painting stays hardly for a couple of days. After that the skin of the nail paint starts wearing off from here and there. Generally, a cool nail colour is applied with double coats and protective layers at the end of the pedicure. So if you’re a lover of nail paints then get that perfect look for your feet that would stay for a long time.

For men: You can’t deny, a man with a clean pair of foot makes them all the more desirable. So next time you plan to hit the parlour, make sure you take your man along.