Sexual health plays a key role in our daily lives and it’s also a very important section of keeping your life happy and healthy. Some people face many sexual health issues especially males, but they don’t admit it due to shyness and discomfort. The best andrologist in Jaipur explains that every disease has a cure or a solution, similarly, male infertility can also be cured in various ways. People who have different types of sexual problems can consult any sexologist or andrologist near them to rectify their troubles. Men are the one who is always excited about their relationships and also, they focus on satisfying their partners. If they fail because of some reason, this makes them irritated and frustrated and due to this sometimes relationships also end.

Consulting an andrologist in Jaipur can solve your many myths and you can have a clear view of how it can be cured. Andrologists mostly believe men always hide their problems especially when it comes to their sexual problems because they feel it can be embarrassing if someone gets to know it. No need to shy anymore, visit the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health today and consult Dr. Chirag Bhandari, the best andrologist in Jaipur, he will explain to you about the issues you are facing and also give you some proper advice. This sex specialist doctor has treated many patients who were facing troubles with their partners during intercourse and many others.

Reasons Why Andrologist in Jaipur is Best For Your Sexual Health Issues.

After meeting this andrologist in Jaipur when will be happy and satisfied because the way he handles his patients is very unique. He listens to his patients calmly, tries to understand them better, and then provides the solutions after going through their case. Among others, the major and foremost duties of a sexologist are to maintain the confidentiality of their patients, hence this andrologist in Jaipur is trustworthy and reliable in this context.

Qualifications and Experiences of the Doctor.

  1. He has completed his MBBS and MS from Pune.
  2. He has obtained a Fellowship in Andrology from University College London hospital, London, UK. He has expertise in Penile Enlargements from South Korea.
  3. This andrologist in Jaipur is also an expert in the field of Penile Prosthesis from Wilson Memorial Research and Training Centre for Penile Prosthetic Surgery, Seoul.
  4. He has gain experience of about eight years in this field.
  5. He is also a working member of ISSM, SASSM, ASRM, American Society of Andrology (ASA), and so on.
  6. He has got certification from the American Society of Reproductive of Medicine.

Some of the Other Team Members are:-

There are many other team members who collectively help this andrologist in Jaipur with their expert knowledge and try to achieve a successful outcome.

  1. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari:- An IVF Specialist and she is also a Gynecologist/ Obstetrician.
  2. Dr. Mahi Khandelwal:- She is a Clinical Psychotherapist
  3. Dr. Trilok Mahajan:- He is a Manual Therapist
  4. Dr. Amit Garg- He is a Urology Specialist.

Treatments Given By Sex Specialist Doctor in Jaipur

Men face several types of health issues and many sexual diseases are there which are unknown to the common people. That’s why because of a lack of awareness people sometimes ignore their problems and adjust to it. Hereunder many treatments which are treated and taken care of by the sexologist in Jaipur.

  1. Male Sexual treatments

  2. Penis Enlargements Treatments

  3. Low Libido Disease treatment

  4. Erectile Dysfunction Disease Treatment

  5. Male Fertility treatments

  6. Last Long Therapy

  7. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation treatments

  8. Low Testosterone / Andropause Disease treatment

  9. Deaddiction

  10. Solution for porn addicted

  11. Sexually transmitted infection treatments
  12. Premature Ejaculation Disease treatment

  13. Online Consultation services

  14. Penis Problems treatment

  15. Couple Therapy

If you want to fight your infertility problems then you have to be very careful and avoid some of your addictions. Such as smoking, drinking, and all recreational drugs, these leads to infertility in one’s body. Moreover, if you are mentally disturbed or have some kind of mental pressure, this also has an impact on your sexual performance. Overweight, too much caffeine consumption, unhealthy diet and other changes in your daily lives can also harm your body.

Nowadays, many newlyweds couples are facing issues because of infertility, and also sometimes when a man is unhealthy or not able to perform well sexually, it becomes a problem for his partner to conceive a child. So, thanks to science to technology that in today’s world every small problem has a solution, infertility is one of them. Visit an andrologist in Jaipur today, which will help you to deal with your sexual health problem and also give you some suggestions about how to avoid it in the future. Call on 0141-2703852 / 9602081813 to book an appointment. Also, there is an online consultation option is available if you live far away or are unable to visit the clinic.