You might be looking to sign up with a new yoga teacher or you might simply be looking into the current one you have. You might also be looking into becoming a yoga trainer yourself and the question that you are asking is, what on earth do these 200 and 500 hour Yoga teacher training represent. Well, let me break it down for you. Becoming a yoga trainer requires you to have some kind of official training. This will enable you to understand the meanings and philosophies behind yoga, as we know it. There are the two modules that allow a specified number of hours training to know more about the world of yoga as a practice.

What is The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in More Detail?

Like the title suggests, it is training for yoga teachers that takes a total of 200 hours to complete. It involves getting a basic introduction to yoga by looking at the philosophies behind it, an introduction to its history as well as a look into sutra. This certifies that one can be a yoga teacher. Most people really know nothing much about the true background from the people who began and popularized it.

That factor makes the people who have had this introduction to yoga as a whole way ahead of the curve. This means that they are well able to lead others and therefore they get certified to be yoga instructors. While this introduction represents the acquisition of information, any serious yoga trainer is best suited to increase their knowledge in some way as this is barely scratching the surface of the entire subject.

What about the 500-hour yoga teacher training?


This is obviously much more advanced than the 200-hour training. This module allows the trainers to really get into it by focusing on a given niche in their yoga practice. The benefit of this is that in each niche, people face various issues that vastly vary. One is abler to become an expert in that niche and this allows them the ability to really capture their audience. Getting the 500-hour training allow the trainer to specialize in say:

  • Grief yoga,
  • Weight loss yoga
  • Stress management yoga
  • Pleasure yoga

Learning how the different yoga poses and practices such as breathing and mantras work will allow you as a passionate yoga teacher to know exactly how you can be valuable to your students when you start training. It would be difficult to niche down with a 200-hour yoga training because the time is very limited to really get into it and find out more.

In reality, the 500-hour training is still inefficient to cover the entire subject. If you are a trainer, it is best to really sacrifice your time and your energy to keep researching even as you train. There is nothing as valuable as acquiring knowledge. You will have a much greater added advantage over your competition in the market because will be able to add so much more value.

So Who is the better trainer for me?

The better trainer cannot be based on training hours that they have. I will mention however that it just shows more commitment when your trainer has taken their time and resources to gain that much more knowledge. The real market value of one trainer to one person will vary to that of another.

People often decide to do yoga for different reasons. One trainer would possibly be well able to help with that straining back and get you real results. The same one might probably not be the best suit for your friend that is looking to lose some extra pounds. The 200 and 500 training shows that they are certified to train you but some trainers simply have more knowledge than others.

I once worked with a 200 Yoga teacher training in Nepal trainer who was so excellent that I personally recommended three friends to him. I later found out that he grew up practicing yoga with his mother who was a yogi for over 15 years before he was born. That shows how much history he had with yoga on a personal level.

As a parting shot, you should follow your gut feeling when looking for the best trainer for you as an individual. That involves a combination of trusting what he or she is selling and looking at reviews of former clients. You are a great trainer because you love what you do. Not because you have more papers saying you qualified for it.