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A body with good Health is one of the most important things in our life. So every one of us keep himself updated with all new news about how to protect his body from harmful things. Even doctors, philosophers, prophets tried to share any information They have with others. That is to help them maintain a healthy body.

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The Prophet

A prophet once described how to keep a body Health and stamina throughout one’s life. He said that you must keep few bites in the stomach. This is to straighten your back, third for food, third for a drink and third for breath.

Excessive Eating

Excessive eating causes laziness, slow digestion process, physical discomfort and overweight. In addition there are several psychological symptoms like depression, experiencing fatigue. Thus investing less time in daily activities and becoming unproductive.

Nevertheless, drinking too much water helps maintaining balance of body fluids, helps in digestion, hydrates the skin, purifies kidney from toxins, quenches thirst , eliminates hunger feel and acts as a natural cure for constipation.

However, drinking water is not a flip like process. Prophet Muhammad peace & blessings be upon him, has set Islamic etiquette manners for drinking. First start in the name of Allah, never made a noise when drinking, never drink while you’re standing up and drink always in two or three sips, not like camels.

His words were really a free prescription for having a healthy body and soul, God has created us and provided us with what serve our mind, soul and body.