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It’s so good to smile when you hear a joke. But It’s much better to smile anytime you can. Even if you can smile every single minute, it would be better.

It’s scientifically proved that smiling makes you live longer, for example:

1. Smiling makes your body secrete endorphins, they make you feel less pain because they make the brain parts which make you feel less pain.

So smiling is a natural pain remover.

2. Smiling makes your body secrete less cortisol. Cortisol is secreted when you face an annoying situation.

Because smiling makes your body secrete less cortisol. So, smiling makes you feel less annoyed even if you faced a bad situation. Smiling makes you feel relaxed.

3. Scientists made an experiment, they showed a number of men and women pictures of someone who is smiling and other photos has other make an eye contact and smiling. And they found that men and women are smiling if they see someone else smile. If you were smiling at someone and he didn’t smile back, make sure that he did a great neurological effort not to smile.Because it’s easy to the brain to make your body smiling.

Maybe you are asking, is my body smiling? The answer is definitely yes, anything you do is done by a combination effort of many organs and chemicals. And the brain is the master.

So if you smile at someone, you both have the benefits of smiling, which are countless.

4. Smiling makes you live longer because it has countless benefits in making your body secrete the chemicals which make your body perform in a good way.

Smile More

When you smile, your heart beat become slower than the ordinary rate. So your body perform more efficient.

There was a scientific research in 2007 on some photos of former basketball players and the one who was smiling in his photo live longer than the others.

Smiling makes you more beautiful as when the muscles in your face work they make you look younger.
Effects of smiling are not consumed, it lasts more than you imagine. It will affect your future decisions.
Smiling can make you more successful:

It can make you more money. Because when you smile at your colleagues, it’s a good sign. It makes you more confident. It makes you more trustworthy.

When you smile your body is more relaxed so your immune system will work more effectively.

Take your smile with you everywhere you go.