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Bad breath is also called halitosis. It is usually due to the breakdown of proteins. This happens by the bacteria in your mouth.

There are many other possible causes which can also lead to bleadeath in the Airways, esophagus and stomach.
Mainly, you must brush and floss daily to prevent the remaining of particles of food remain in the Mouth which collect bacteria and can cause bad breath.

Try To Follow These Tips If You Are Having A Bad Breath

Bad Breath

1. Maintain a high level of oral and dental cleanness. Brush your teeth and even try to clean between the them using dental floss.
2. Try a tongue cleaner and clean your tongue carefully right to the back.
3. Avoid caffeinated products like coffee, and stay away of alcoholic drinks.
4. Eat fresh fibrous vegetables and fruits which contain big amount of water.
5. Use a good quality mouthwash, it is better to be recommended by your dentist or pharmacist.Use it daily before you go to sleep.(A fluoride mouth rinse with brushing and flossing prevent tooth decay and bad breath).
6. Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth (xerostomia), which means that the amount of saliva decreases. Chew a sugar-free gum to avoid the drying.
7. Visit your dentist every month to have a professional cleaning.
8. Have a regular check up to detect any serious problems such as gum disease, a dry mouth Or others that may be the cause.
9. Avoid smoking and others Tobacco products which cause bad breath and stained teeth.
10. Stay hydrated and avoid sugary drinks.
11. Drink milk which helps to deodorize some offensive breath odors.

Notice that bad breath can be a sign of many diseases and medical disorder, such as infections in the respiratory tract (nose, throat, windpipe, lungs), chronic sinusitis, cancer, postnasal drip, Chronic bronchitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disturbance, liver ailment, kidney ailment. So if these tips didn’t help you getting rid of it, ask your doctor to discover if you have any serious problem.