5 Great Reasons To Opt For Burlington Dumpster Rental

Finding the right storage container for collecting & transporting huge amounts of material is definitely not easy. Sadly, it is a task that cannot be avoided especially when you work in the construction industry or attempt to recycle waste products. And, the prices may be out of your budget when you contemplate buying a container for clearing out your warehouse or hauling away the piles of debris and waste from your home or job site.

However, there are several companies across NC that will provide you with the opportunity for roll off dumpster rental as well. Why should you opt for a roll off though? There are several reasons to do so. Be sure to think through your needs carefully and get in touch with Green Life Waste Solutions to request a free estimate on a Burlington dumpster rental.

Here are 5 reasons to use Green Life Waste’s roll off dumpster rental:

Advantages of using a dumpster

Asking for a rented dumpster to be placed near your work sight will help you save both time and money. This will save you money by avoiding the hiring of additional labor. That is to carry the trash/waste products to the nearest salvage yard or recycling plant. You will, in fact, have peace of mind. That will be after knowing that your waste will be disposed of and recycled safely in accordance with North Carolina regulations. This will free you to to focus on the job for which you were hired. Let Green Life Waste handle all your recycling and hauling needs


When the time comes to clean out your house, you may find that you have accumulated enough stuff to fill your house plus a few more. This can easily happen to anyone. Clearing out the unnecessary junk from your can leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. However, throwing away the old items may not always be easy when you become attached to them.

You can certainly offload the clutter within your home by getting rid of items that haven’t been used in the last six months as well as items that may be collecting dust in storage. Simply throwing out your items on the curb and expecting the city to take your waste is not the answer. Be sure to hire Green Life Waste Solutions for your roll off dumpster rental and we’ll drop it off and pick it up and take it to our recycling center when you have it filled. It couldn’t be easier

Waste Removal

Clearing your yard or removing debris from a construction site can be done easily when you have a dumpster on site. You can rent it for a day or multiple days as needed. The great news about a dumpster is that it can accommodate anything from steel frames to trees to old pieces of furniture. Be sure to fill up the dumpster with everything you want to get rid of before Green Life Waste picks up the dumpster at the end of your rental term.


Renting a roll off dumpster to haul your waste will save you time and needless legal headaches. Every state and city has specific rules pertaining to trash disposal. As you know, the local trash trucks only pickup certain items. If you put the wrong items on the curb, they could set there for days or even weeks. This will prompt frustrated neighbors and possible legal action. Avoid the headache of you or your team possibly leaving the wrong items on the curb for pickup – rent a roll off dumpster from Green Life Waste Solutions

Go Green

Renting a dumpster is sure to help you in more ways than one. Sure, you get to dispose of the entire load of trash at once and you don’t have to make umpteen trips to the dump or recycling center. However, the biggest take away is your ability to lessen the harmful carbon footprints on our environment. By collecting and compacting wastes you get to help the environment. Choose a company that focuses on earth-friendly recycling practices: Green Life Waste Solutions


Safety is of paramount importance on any job site. Sspecially one the ones involving removing waste from a work site or home is important. Remember that loads of uncontained debris may cause damage. The damage happens to surrounding vehicles or people. This costs your company lawsuits and negative publicity. You may also end up tripping and hurting yourself on a sharp object that’s been left behind. Make the safest choice for you and your team: choose to rent a dumpster.

Renting a roll off dumpster will help you cleanup your work site or home almost effortlessly. You will also have peace of mind that a responsible company is taking care of the haul away of the waste.