Instagram Influencers

Needless to say, digital is one of the most effective forms of marketing in 2020, due to its quick response and surprising results, now every brand is looking for Instagram Influencers marketing. The influential marketing platform has more than $ 1.5 billion according to worldwide market research.

As a leading influential marketing platform, we have to answer such questions many times to our customers. If you want to hire an influential person to promote your brand, this article can help you in primary screening.

In the search for influencers, brands sometimes ignore their authenticity. It is very important to forgo the credibility of your audience before finalizing someone for your brand promotion. The success of a campaign depends entirely on the right influencer to the right target audience. Brands must use real influencers to spread their brand message, multiple times; They fail to achieve this due to choosing the poor affected.

So, Who Are Fake Instagram Influencers Affected?

If you want to spot how the fake affected, read this part of the article carefully. You must know how to identify them; It is not as hard as you might think. Hope to read this; You can easily see them.

Fake influencers are nothing but a large number of followers and, in almost all ways, look like real Instagram Influencers. Their feed is also full of high-quality images just like real ones. The major differences are fake followers or bot followers of fake influencers. They use paid services and bots to increase Instagram followers and thus, do not have many effects on their followers.

Like and Follower Ratio

Have you often noticed how many followers your favorite influencer has? And how many likes do each of his posts get? How to calculate it? If you have 100 followers and like 1, then the ratio is 1%, which is quite bad. If your affected person has less than 1% engagement, try not to go after them. Good ideal engagement ratio for taking a campaign is 2% to 5%. If you choose an influential person with a 10% to 15% engagement, then there is no doubt, your result will be exceptional.

If you get unusual likes and follower ratios on your influencer’s feed, it may have fake followers, so stay away from them from your campaign. This follower-choice-engagement ratio plays an important role in the final selection of your influencer for brand promotion.

Fake Engagement

Yes, engagement can also be fake! If you have found the same engagement ratio in each post of your influencer, then there is something wrong with this. Under no circumstances, each post may receive a similar engagement. So, if you find this out, then stay away from hiring that special influencer to promote your brand.

In most cases, engagement ratios are the most authentic way to select an appropriate influencer, but sometimes fake influencers purchase engagement to increase their engagement rate.

Another research suggests that accounts with 7000 followers since 2000 have an average engagement rate of 6% to 7%, which will automatically decrease as followers grow.

Fake Comments

In this era of digital marketing, nothing is impossible; If you have the money and you know how to do it, you can buy fake comments just like fake comments and followers. But how to identify fake comments?

There are also ways to find fake comments. If you see general comments on your influencer’s feed, they can be fake. But what does this mean by general observations? Using the only emojis instead of contextual comments may indicate fecundity. Comments like “like nice”, “great pick”, looking “looking gorgeous”, “wow”, “cute” are also considered generic (but not always).

Instagram Pods

Have you heard the term Instagram Pod? Under the pod, a group of people prefers comments and posts to each other to increase their engagement rates. In most cases, this is by prior agreement. The overall process is usually time-consuming; To get the same for you you have to go to each other’s posts and comment. Therefore, in the end, you will get various comments and likes on your post, provided you do the same for every other member of the group.

How to identify these pods? Well, in practice, it is very difficult to identify whether your target influencer is part of a pod or not. Literally, you have to check his / her likes and comments to see if something is wrong or not. If you get the same number of people commenting on every post in a similar way, then something must be wrong. You have to manually check the quality of the comments. If you received some irrelevant comments that have nothing to do with the post, then this may be the result of these pods.

A Sudden Increase in Followers

As an influential marketer if you notice that your influencer suddenly gets a lot of followers overnight, it could possibly be through paid services or bots. In general, authentic influencers will experience a steady buy Instagram followers Malaysia. Sometimes their followers may decline; It’s not a bad sign.