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Our world is full of gorgeous destinations which we like to visit, but we may don’t have enough Money.

Don’t worry anymore, there are always some places which you can visit on a budget. Even some countries we think that they are expensive but they are budget-friendly, if you are smart and Know certain tips and tricks.

Low Budget Travel
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These destinations are good for any budget, you can visit to enjoy meeting friendly locals and travelers, eating tasty food, discover new places and having a lot of fun.

1. Fiji

Fiji is actually considered relatively cheap island when compared to other island near it. Although it has many $1,000-a-night resorts, you can find other cheap hotels and enjoy pristine Beaches, world-class diving, delicious seafood and chatting with friendly locals.It also has many cheap guesthouses, transportation, and activities, especially in Yasawa Islands.

2. Central America

Do you like to enjoy the jungles of Central America especially in Costa Rica? Would you like to roam ancient ruins, make adventures through the jungle, and eat delicious Food? Visit El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala where you can find most low budget hotels for around $15 per night, meals for $3, cheap bus journeys.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest and most gorgeous country in Southeast Asia. You can get a Good, comfortable and air-conditioned room for only $20 USD, eat street food for $2, and use transportation across the whole country for $20.

4. China

Spending couple of days in China can be super-cheap. Hotel rooms cost less than $20 a day, delicious food is $2-5 per meal, and transportation in cities is less than dollar.

5. Thailand

If you visit Thailand, you will really enjoy spending some days Seoul, eating delicious meals at a Buddhist restaurant. You can find cheap hotels, street food, local transportation.

6. Taiwan

Taiwan is a really great place for low- budget travelers. You will enjoy the secret waterfalls and amazing countryside especially in the south. Don’t forget to see Kenting National Park which is a beautiful place in addition to some fabulous small islands.

7. Malta

You could never believe how cheap it is lunch costs less than a euro, rooms for less than 20$. You can enjoy great places and adventurous destinations.

These are just few cheap places in our world, try them and enjoy your summer.