8 best solo female travel destinations in India

India is a beautiful country and it offers some great destinations to explore by tourists either they are in groups or traveling solo. In spite of this truth, it is said by many tourists that India is still not a safe country, especially for women who are traveling alone but it is not all truth. India has much more than these negative rumors.

Yes, there are some unsafe places in India to travel alone for women but due to them, one can not blame the whole country. It could be a little hard for a woman to pick a destination for solo traveling in India. Keeping this thing in mind we have put together a list of some safest solo female travel destinations in India that a single woman can explore without any hesitation. So it’s now your turn ladies to pack up your bags and unveil these 10 best Indian destinations for solo women travelers in India.

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Top 8 Solo Female Travel Destinations in India

1. Goa

Goa, First Best Female Solo Travel Destination in India


As per the Child and Women Development Ministry, Goa is considered as one of the safest solo female travel destinations in India. Goa is an ideal destination for females where they can indulge in the unique charm of its Beach Life, Happening Flea Markets, Cruise Travels, offbeat treks, casinos, and the most delicious seafood in the most popular restaurants. So pack your bags now and leave for this destination as you will never get a better option than Goa.

2. Shilong

Shillong, Second best destinations for solo female travelers in India

Also known as the “Scotland of the East” Shilong is one of the perfect destinations for willing solo female travelers. Situated in the northeastern parts of India and the capital of Meghalaya, Shilong is a beautiful hill station which offers beautiful lakes, hills with pine trees, amazing waterfalls, and so many adventure activities that pull thousands of adventure lovers from all over the world.
The best park of Shilong is that it is the only hill station in India that can be accessed from each side.

3. Ladakh

Ladakh, 3rd Best Solo female travel destinations in India

In spite of enduring misuse on account of commercialization, the well-kept generosity of Ladakh keeps up through. Be prepared to build up an unbreakable bond with this dynamite place. A chilly desolate desert where you can hear the slopes calling. Ladakh discloses its appealing features as you choose to dig further. An ideal occasion goal that gives a getaway from the warmth. From differentiating scenes of white sand hills and green valleys to high mountain passes and hundreds of years old Buddhist cloisters, Shanti Stupa to Khardung-La, purplish-blue lakes to stream valleys Ladakh has numerous astounding wonders to offers – Your excursion is inadequate without these places to visit in Leh Ladakh.

4. Gangtok

Gangtok, Another best solo female travel destination in India

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and one of the best solo female travel destinations in India. For being mostly visited, Gangtok is filled with so many adventure activities and beautiful monasteries that make this place the best destination for solo trips. The most popular attractions in Gangtok are Khecheopalri Lake, Phodong Monastery, Rumtek Monastery, Nathu La, and Hanuman Tok that should not be missed while doing a solo trip in India.

5. Nainital

Nainital, one of the best solo female travel destinations in India

Situated in the valleys of Uttarakhand, Nainital is truly a great paradise on this planet for solo female travelers. Loaded with natural beauties, Nainital has a lot to offer for solo travelers such as its beautiful caves, snow-covered mountains, Himalayan Darshan, Trekking, Houseboat Stays, Lover’s Point, Ropeways, WIldlife Parks, and More. The place is always filled with so many tourists and locals that make this place one of the safest solo female travel destinations in India.

6. Hampi

Hampi for Solo female travelers

Hampi is all different from these destinations. Hampi will change your thoughts about India as it offers so much from its Urben counterparts. The most friendly and wealthy people of this city will give you a warm welcome with their lavish hospitalities. The ancient ruins and temples will take you into the past time of this city. The city also offers some finest and cheap accommodations where you can meet new peoples and other solo travelers.

7. Shimla

Shimla, another best solo female travel destination in India

Also known as “The Queen of Hills”, Shimla is another beautiful and safest destination for female solo travelers in India. The beautiful views of snow-covered towns and hills will give you an unforgettable experience of Incredible India. This amazing hill station also has some of the safest lodging facilities for solo female travelers. Apart from these lodgings, Shimla is often crowded with loads of tourists so you will never feel alone even while traveling alone.

8. Munnar

Munnar, Kerala, for solo female travelers

Munnar is heaven for solo travelers in India. Situated in Kerala, this place is known for its beautiful spice plantations on hills, rambling tea gardens and an unending treat of beautiful waterfalls and lakes. Truly! such a fantasy spot exists on this planet for the sake of Munnar. Spend an exquisite night at a slope house confronting the fog loaded slopes, wake-up to the peeping flying creatures and stroll through the mists when visiting this shocking hill station of Kerala.

So these the top 8 Solo Female Travel Destinations in India that a solo woman traveler should consider before planning her trip to India. These destinations are totally safe and ladies can travel here without facing any trouble or risky situation. If you have already traveled some of these places as a solo female traveler then share your experience with us in the comment section below.