In case you’re a beginner or haven’t sunk into a natural voyage standard, here’s a rundown of embarkation day do’s and don’ts, winnowed from our numerous years cruising. From the time of year you want to travel to the region you’re sailing, there are a number of parameters to consider before pulling out your credit card.

Early Booking and Check-In Online

You could book your excursion well ahead of time as many cruise lines open bookings on their sailings a year or two before the departure date. So if you know precisely where and when you need to go, this might be your most solid option as it gives you the most choices on itineraries, dates, and cabin categories. You could surely get some best deals for cruises on MyDreamHoliday.

Cruises expect you to check in online at least five days before departure. Make sure you don’t forget doing that in the excitement of all vacation planning and shopping.

Take help from the specialists

In spite of the direct booking on the websites, seasoned cruisers generally depend on a travel agent. Despite the fact that agents roles have lessened in the mass-market travel business, they stay vital for cruising. Our specialists not only offer seasoned advice, but they can also wrangle deals and promos.

Select the right ship

Choosing the right ship is like choosing the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion. The options are many, but what tickles your fancy? The destination and onboard activities both must be at the forefront of planning, and the balance is important. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, pick Royal Caribbean International – it has exciting water sports options plus a skydiving simulator onboard. Are you traveling with kids? Book a child-friendly cruise from Disney Cruise Line with plenty of delightful onboard activities and camps.

Compare Cruises Lines and Ships

Confused between a Genting Dream or Voyager of the Seas? MyDreamHoliday allows you to compare the two to see which one suits your preferences. See costs, itineraries, and appraisals of two cruises.

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