Travel Tips

I am the founder of Julius Homes. My interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.

Planning a trip can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for trips abroad and especially if you are traveling with children, grandparents.
But if you have no idea how to plan a trip, this guide is only for you!
Whether you are traveling alone or planning a family vacation, you deserve to go and create priceless stress-free memories in the process of planning your trip.
Below are our best tips for planning a vacation and the steps I would take to plan your dream trip.
Not sure what to consider when planning a trip? Hopefully, this guide will save you some time, money, and common expenses!


Where do you want to go?

The very first step on how to plan a trip is to choose a perfect travel destination that suits your interests and travel budget.
Are you planning a trip abroad or at home? Either way, the whole idea of taking a trip is to spend an unforgettable time, have fun and relax, and not spend all your vacation time worrying about money.

How much time do you have?

If you only have 1-2 weeks of vacation time a year, don’t waste too much of it traveling to and from your destination. But if you have 2-4 weeks or more than a month, you can consider traveling abroad or traveling further in your home country.

Who are you traveling with?

When planning your trip, your travel companions can influence the choice of your destination. Take time to sit with other members of your travel group and discuss your ideas and interests. Unforgettable trips are those in which each member must experience something he loves. Do not let one person make all the decisions, always make mutual decisions. Or maybe you could take turns choosing a destination every year!

To have an unforgettable trip, choose a destination that allows you to have experiences that you enjoy.

Do you like:

● Relaxation or adventure
● Beaches or mountains
● Summer or winter
● Cities or province
● Resorts or travel
● Festivals and culture
● Shopping or food experience

Are you among those people who like to sit by the pool all day with a book? Or will it bore you to death?

By answering these specific questions, you can narrow down your list of where you want to go for your dream trip!

When to travel?

Time and crowds play an important role when planning your trip. Avoiding peak travel periods is one of our best travel tips on how to plan a vacation.


Once you have chosen your destination, the second step in planning a trip is to book your flights. And learning how to find cheap flights will help you reduce one of your biggest travel expenses.

As a traveling family, if it is a trip abroad and a long flight, I would like to plan my trip so that we can quickly get to our destination as much as possible, with the most comfort and convenience that our budget allows!

If this is your only vacation of the year and you only have 1-2 weeks, I recommend you pay a little more for an airline and fly directly!

Go directly to the airlines- Go directly to the website of this airline and see if you can get cheaper tickets. Many airlines have lower fares offered only on their own website.


Where you sleep is your other main fixed travel expense, so choosing the best villa, apartments or hotel for your needs at the best price will free up more money for activities.

Depending on the duration of our trip and destination, we vary between accommodation styles.
If I am planning my trip, which is longer than the weekend getaway, we prefer to stay in apartments. They offer several advantages:

● Access to a full kitchen
● Separate bedrooms from the living room
● You have your own washing machine.
● You can book an apartment with 3 or 4 beds and share the costs with another family or friends.

These extra amenities for a long stay can make your trip all the more enjoyable. But if it is a short stay in the city or we are just traveling as a couple, we will be happy to stay in a hotel.


Another thing to consider when planning a trip is to understand the transport options to your chosen destination.

Will you have to book a rental car or purchase all the transport passes online in advance? Is there a train or a bus? Are there taxis or Uber? Can you just walk to most places, do you plan to travel through Europe by train?

During the travel planning study, transport options for your destination. This will save you time and stress there.
Rental cars. If you need a rental car, booking online in advance will almost always give you a better deal than if you just show up at the counter. And it’s easier and faster.

The final thing you want to do after a long journey is to deal with the car rental companies at the airport and negotiate for a cab.

The fastest way to compare rental companies is to use an aggregator site that searches all major car brands at once and checks which supplier offers the best prices for your chosen dates and location. This saves us time and money in the past for finding cheap rental cars and we continue to use them.


When planning a trip, you want to know what are the most famous tourist attractions and the best free things that you can do at your chosen destination. Research and organize your tickets for all kinds of theme parks, zoos, and concerts, etc. And many cities also have city walkways that can save you money on attractions. Explore these in planning your trip!


You can learn a lot about a destination through its food and drinks. For some people, this is their favorite thing to travel. Are you like that?

When I plan my travels, I like to discover new cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs when I travel. I like to try local delicacies, local craft beers, and coffee.


If you are planning a trip abroad and do not yet have a passport, give yourself enough time to apply – at least 6 weeks prior to departure and preferably immediately after booking the flight and hotel.

And if you already have a passport, what is the date of its expiration? Most countries require that your passport be valid for six months after the date of your stay and that there be enough blank pages for stamps/visas.


Are you planning a trip abroad to a destination with a high health risk?
Depending on where you plan your trip to a particular country, it is important to get the right advice on all the necessary vaccinations before you travel.

Your safety and health are essential and in some cases, you cannot travel unless you have evidence of vaccination.
Talk to your doctor who is familiar with travel vaccines. Visit them at least 2 months before departure, as some vaccinations must start six to eight weeks before departure.


When planning a trip, sometimes your important documents are lost. Companies may lose your reservation or a discrepancy between the price you paid and the expected service.
For peace of mind, always make copies of important documents as like:

● passports, visas, plane tickets, itinerary, hotel reservations, car rental reservations, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and everything else you have booked for your trip.


Nowadays, almost everyone travels with a smartphone, plus other gadgets that require an internet connection.
As travel bloggers, we know that most of the frustration is that we can’t be connected to the internet along the way. Maybe you just want to update your Facebook account or send emails so family and friends can follow your travels.
Investigate your internet plans and SIM card situation for your destination.
One thing you need is an international travel adapter so you can plug in your charger, phone, and laptop.


We all want ease and convenience when its come to traveling, especially when we accessing our money. We also want to reduce our bank transaction fee. The more money we keep in our cards, the more we have to spend on travel. Fees for international transactions can be significant when using credit cards and checking accounts.


Not having travel insurance abroad (or domestic) is not worth the risk. Anything can, will, and sometimes goes wrong. If this happens and you are not insured, you may face a lot of money loss and inconvenience.
When planning a trip, remember this step. This is one of the most important vacation planning tips!

What happens if:

● You need to cancel your trip unexpectedly
● A hurricane damaged your destination
● You get sick or injured during the trip or initial of your trip
● Your luggage is lost or stolen
● You lose your passport

Travel insurance is designed to cover unexpected medical emergencies and events such as travel cancellation, your personal belongings, lost, stolen, or damaged airline luggage, and other related losses incurred during the trip.


Thinking about packaging can be stressful when planning your trip, but the best thing to do is to collect the minimum because you can always buy everything else there!
Encourage your children to choose and pack their own clothes to minimize complaints and learn travel planning skills. Choose versatile, comfortable, and loose-fitting clothing and neutral colors that you can wear in multiple combinations so that if something goes wrong dirt, you only need to change part of the clothing.
Packing cells are a savior. In each packing box, we roll up each item and arrange clothes according to type and season.

Top 5 Travel Packing Tips:

1. Keep track of the time of the destination you are visiting, which helps reduce luggage.
2. When flying, take a garment in your bag in case your checked baggage does not arrive with you.
3. Anticipate the activities you will perform so that you can pack appropriately.
4. Predict where you will stay. If you are staying in hotels, you will not need to bring things like towels, hairdryers or bed linen.
5. Charge your electronics and charge all your tablets and portable devices with things to read, play, watch.


Okay, one of our latest travel tips is to confirm your flight time!
The day before departure, confirm your flight times and your transfer to the airport.
And register online! To remove stress and quarrels from this, when possible, we always register online.
That’s it. You’ve already planned a trip! You know where to start planning a trip so you can enjoy the process of planning your trip and then go and have the time of your life!