There is a question inside everyone of us, Can I be a blogger?

Yes, why not… Everyone of us has something to say, so why you don’t put it in an article and send it to us.

We will be more than happy to publish it on our website

If it is just a fresh topic or a brilliant idea, then don’t waste more time.

To be a part of us is not so hard, just follow some simple guidelines to write an article that you can be proud of us.

  • We believe that you can explore your thoughts in a simple article of 300 to 600 words to establish your idea.
  • The originality of the article is uncompromised. They must pass the originality test and be 100% unique.
  • Blogger Passions is not just a blog to put words next to each others, so keep in mind that your article should be written in engaging, attractive, accessible, and positive tone.
  • If you need something to inspire your imagination, take a look to the various articles related to business, fitness, travel, entertainment, health, food, technology, and many more.
  • To submit your article, you can register here and then you can login to your dashboard. There you can type your content and submit it for our review.
  • We also need a copyright free image, or take images from web and provide proper credit.
  • When submitting to us, you acknowledge that you accept all our terms, and any editing that may occur on behalf of the Blogger Passions editorial team.

For any question you can send us an email about whatever goes in your mind.

Writing for us provides you a chance to say your word and make a change.